Thinking about getting a customized t-shirt? This sounds fun. Is it a family occasion or some event with your friend? Whatever the occasion is, go ahead and choose whatever you want to be printed and make everyone look uniform. However, there are a number of questions you need to ask yourself before giving the order. Here are the top 5 questions:

What is the occasion?

Definitely, there is going to be a special occasion for which you are getting a customized t-shirt printing sydney done. Yes, you want to present your employees or family as a team but exactly why? This can decide the design you have to follow. For example, celebrating the first birthday of your nephew will be a lot more comfortable than for your employees at a tech fair.

How many people?

Again, this is a basic question but an important one. You do not want to miss anyone. Imagine someone showing up wearing clothes different from all the team members. They will give the impression of the outsider and will even feel like one. Make sure to count people wearing the shirt twice since ordering t-shirts again can be hectic. The best way to include everyone is by giving everyone a form where they can fill their size and their receiving. In this way, the distribution of t-shirts will be a lot more organized.

What printing technique will be used?

Do you want your shirt to be digitally printed or screen printed? These are the two most common types of printing available. Now you have the service of choosing your own design and colors. The idea of digital printing has transformed giving you direct control. There are many tools available online through which you can create new images for t-shirts. However, you have to be very careful while washing digital printed shirts since the colors printed are weak.
Screen printing is a more traditional way of printing which has been used for printing silk for decades. It can be washed again and again are a great option if you want a logo on a uniform. It has to be washed daily.

What kind of design?

You must be having a theme in your mind which you have to follow. Involve your team when you are coming up with the idea so that everyone has something to identify with the design as soon as the t-shirt is printed. Another important thing you have to remember about the design is that you have to provide the best image. This image should be of high resolution.
Make sure to ask these questions and prepare a checklist so that you can work easily in a customized way.